CD Reviews

Wayne Krantz (guitarist, composer / NYC)
Hey, Wolfgang,
(...) just listened to your record. I truly enjoyed it! So did my girlfriend. I hope you guys are doing some gigs - it's a very cool trio. Great sound, playing, spirit, texture. Especially loved the first song and the little mini songs, but it's all really good. Keep it up!
Hope to see you, Wayne Krantz

Gitarre & Bass (October 2000)
'Contemporary Jazz, Fusion and Jazz-Rock form the stylistic background for the music of the SPACE CADETS', this is how the three musicians from Vienna describe their art - nevertheless the 'Stadl'-jury, who has been suffering from 'Fusionitis' for years, likes it. Listening to this guitar trio is particularly pleasing because they don't need clichés and integrate sounds of the 3rd millenium into their music just as well as chorus sounds typical of Metheny or simple, beautiful ballad moods. And even the distortion sounds are good - almost impossible with Jazz guitarists, as we all know. Wolfgang Köck (g) and deep-bass-man Andi Drabek-Filz got to know each other during their joint studies at the Conservatory, drummer Bernd T. Rommel joined them in '99. The three of them are particularly - and successfully - eager to develop an individual sound which they even achieve in Coltrane's masterpiece 'Giant Steps', a composition which many musicians have screwed up. Interesting trio.

JAZZ ZEIT (October 2000)
The Jazz-Rock-Fusion music thrives in Austria - and I may introduce a very gifted young band devoted to this style. Wolfgang Köck, guitarist and leader of the SPACE CADETS, knows exactly when to enrich the groove-oriented tracks with spirited guitar solos. With his bass lines Andi Drabek-Filz provides the solid base for a good many daring guitar solos and Bernd T. Rommel on drums - never dull and stubborn but inventive and diverse - leaves no doubt that in a trio especially the drummer can add a lot of colour. They prove that they also know how to sail in calm waters with Coltrane's 'Giant Steps' as well as with ballads from their pen. (bak)

Concerto (August/September 2000)
'This band is like a playground for me. It gives me all the possibilities to work on my musical ideas without any compromise.' This is how Wolfgang Köck describes the SPACE CADETS, an electric trio, that was formed just half a year ago and whose debut album is out now. The three musicians - beside Köck there are Andi Drabek-Filz on the bass and the exceptional drummer Bernd T. Rommel - have deeply inhaled 30 years of fusion history. In most pieces they develop their own, independent style which features Jazz elements rather than shredding. Wolfgang Köck is a fine composer and solo player using Rock elements merely for adding an extra colour to the sound. With the exception of an interesting arrangement of Coltrane's 'Giant Steps' all titles of the CD are original compositions. All in all a remarkable debut of a band who will hopefully be heard of more often in future. (schu)